Sumner Street Party 17th of March 2013

A quick chat to one of the amazing coordinators…

Kath, you are part of the Sumner Street Party Committee, tell us how this came together…
The Street Party was an idea mooted around the table at one of our Sumner Business Group meetings, an event that would attract visitors back to the area and show off our unique seaside Village.
It was a ‘sure lets just throw a party’ kind of idea… none of us are event organizers and none of us had any idea how much time it would consume! But it is fun.

What can we expect on the day?
There will be live music, street performers, fashion shows, great food, boutique beers and wine and all the craft stalls down the street. There will be an art competition whereby the attendees can vote for the next art work to go up on a double height container on Wakefield Ave. We want to link to the beach this year with a Sand pit dig down by The Beach Bar…. Loads of stuff going on this year!

Can the kids come along?
Gosh yes, they should organize their parents and get along. There is a dedicated zone for little ones with the bouncy castle and kids stalls, and the teen zone outside Fuse.

Will there be prizes?
Loads, but you have to dig for them… with your feet! Should be a laugh.

You are doing this on a voluntary basis, why?
Because it got to the point of no return!  No, its fun.. and I love Sumner, I want to see it flourish. Despite the crumbling cliffs, broken homes, containers and wonky road… I think we have something really unique here. Its sharing that love….ahhhhh.

Thank you Kath for your time! This will be an epic event not to be missed! Also a huge thank you to all sponsors and volunteers!

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Are you outgoing, bubbly and creative? Read on…

We are looking for a Content & Social Media manager for the Sumner Village website and member linkFacebook page.
You will need to keep on top of what is happening around the village, interview people and come up with some interesting stories & event announcements.
You need to have a basic knowledge of using WordPress, some graphic design skills would be useful. You will be working closely with the Sumner Business Group (SBG) and maybe even attend some of the meetings.

This position is currently on a voluntary basis but could become a paid job in the future…
If you would love to get involved and be part of the exciting ”new” Sumner, get in touch now.

Please e-mail to Sabrina:


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Sumner Art Window?

Nikki, you are filling an empty space with art. How did this come together?
I had been watching the exciting projects of Gap Filler around the city for a while and reflecting about how I could help contribute to the redevelopment of creative spaces in Christchurch post earthquake. My own community of Sumner has suffered a lot of physical and mental damage so really wanted to get something started there. My partner and I  had often discussed the possibilities for 17 Marriner Street and kept an eagle eye on any sign of life within. We couldn’t help ourselves when the new owners Paul Grainger and Elsbeth Hird moved in. We became friends and realized that we shared a lot of the same interests – one being a passion for art. The idea for the Sumner Art Window was born after Paul offered me the space to exhibit my own work. This then got me thinking with my curator hat on, as to the real possibilities for the space for artists to exhibit. Robyn Webster, a well known CHCH artist, said ‘What are you waiting for, I’ll exhibit!’ and things went very quickly from there.

Tell us more about yourself, what inspires you?
I have a background in sculpture and trained in the UK. I moved to Sumner nine years ago with my then young children on a three year adventure. Since then I have had teaching jobs, worked for COCA (The Centre for Contemporary Art) and the CHCH arts Festival, run my own after school art club and developed a real love for the simple things in life. One of my favorite things to do is ride my vintage bike down to the village and cook using herbs and veggies from my small veggie plot.  I am inspired by nature everyday and the passionate people of Christchurch who are helping to rebuild our city.

Who are the artists and how do they qualify?
At the moment the contemporary artist showing is Robyn Webster . She has created an installation piece that is based on a poem. The Sumner Art Window will show art from emerging and established Contemporary Artists using 2D media, film, photography, installation and sculpture. Open 24/7, exhibitions will change on a monthly basis encouraging visitors and locals to connect with a changing stream of artworks through the frame of a window.
Artists can contact in the first instance if they are interested in having an exhibition. A link to a website or youtube clip showing their work is useful, perhaps an outline of a proposal for the space (how they want to use it) and a CV can be helpful in determining if we are the right space to house their work.

Can people buy the artwork? And where?
The space is not for profit so noncommercial. People can buy the artwork by contacting the artist directly. Artists details are left in the window space.

How does the future of this project look like?
Good question….. At the moment the future possibilities are huge….We may even have months dedicated to film, performance art and dance as well as visual art. The main thing to remember is that the space has to dictate from the first instance what goes on in to it.

We’d love to know your Sumner insider tips! Your favorite places & spaces…
There are so many as I love living here…..My favorite places are the beach, Scarborough end where I can take my dog, watch the surfers and grab a coffee. The Hollywood Cinema where I can relax while still wearing my painting apron and ugg boots and no-one batts an eye lid! The hills behind my house where I can now walk again, the wonderful green area where the old community hall used to be (we so needed a green area in the village center), the second hand shop Time and Time again where I can sell my spontaneous, over zealous buys, the DVD shop where I can get movies out as I am not fond of TV and of course we have great eating houses and fish and chips helps too!

Thank you Nikki!
Like The Sumner Art Window on Facebook!

art windowphoto2photo1

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Innerview with Gene Warriner

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Hi my name’s Gene Warriner, I’m a photographer & digital videographer living here in Sumner. I take a landscape/fine art photography style approach with my pictures and print to canvas since I like having a more rugged textural look to … Continue reading

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Summer Sale At Urban Surf

Urban Surf’s Summer Sale starts today Thursday 7th Feb

In our usual style, we will get off to a good start with Relax, Shop, UnWined from 5pm til 8pm so you can shop child free and get lots of one on one attention.

This will be our best sale to date as with the busy summer we have had, we have ploughed through the stock and kept reordering, meaning that a lot of the stock is fairly new and fresh and still in season!  Considering that February is generally our hottest month and now we are being told we have Indian Summer (and Sumner!) to look forward to, it definitely may be time to refresh your summer wardrobe, rather than pack it away!

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Radius Live At Clink

Radius is playing live at Clink Bar here in Sumner this Thursday 7th of February 8.30pm.

”Instrumental fire for your soul”

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A chat with Laura Hunter

We had a quick chat with our talented local singer/songwriter Laura Hunter, get an insight into her daily life….

Laura, you have just moved to Sumner! What was the draw card for that?

My parents just bought a beautiful house up on Scarborough Hill overlooking Sumner and the surf, so that was a done deal for me!

What kind of music do you do? And what inspires you?
I’m a singer/songwriter, I play guitar, and do a variety of music working with my producer Lukas, from acoustic to pop, electronic, drum and bass, hip hop, country and soul. I am inspired by all music around me, especially live music. I think I will always continue writing lyrics and songs on the guitar, and perform acoustically, but also I love a more upbeat sound and have big dreams and goals to play to big festival crowds – so in this case my music will continue to develop its sound for various performances!

I hear you are working on an album… what can we expect? And where can we buy it?
Yes! Very exciting. I have just released Continue reading

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Sumner Photo Prints

This gallery contains 5 photos.

Christchurch local Andy Lukey surely knows how to use his camera! All photos are taken at the Sumner Bar area. High quality prints are available for sale! Please contact >>—-> <—-<<

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Sumner is not only a magic seaside suburb to live in, it also accommodates one of the most amazing communities i have come across!  2010 was the start of a devastating event, we had over 11’000 earthquakes between 2010 and the end of 2012! people, pets, buildings and jobs where lost…
but above all the people stuck together and we are now stronger than ever. Creating our own community hub and community gardens to be more self-sustaining is only the start…

All the local businesses that have survived had to put in hard work to do so and now heavily depend on the locals as well as visitors to support them on their journey. Most of those businesses are owned by locals, which means if you spend your money here in Sumner you help us keep our little Sumner economy alive!
It all goes around in circles.


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The Sumner Rebuild

Sumner Village Master Plan

The Draft Sumner Village Center Master Plan was approved by the full Council on 11 October 2012 for the community to comment on.

The Draft Master Plan presents a future vision and goals for the redevelopment of Sumner Village Center in response to the damage caused to the center in the 2010 and 2011 earthquakes.  It has been prepared under the guidance and support of the Joint Advisory Group for Sumner as a community-led master plan. Click here to view the plan!

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