”The Great Big Sumner Art Competition”

Introduction (please read carefully)

The “Great Big Sumner Art Competition“ invites you to create your coolest artwork. The contest is to help raise the profile of our unique area. The winning work will be printed onto a skin and mounted onto two existing stacked shipping containers located on Wakefield Avenue. Thank you to our sponsors, DJ Hewitt and the Corner Shop Bistro who are sponsoring the printing/mounting costs.

Who can enter?
Anybody! The “Great Big Sumner Art Competition” is we believe an excellent way for getting artists of Christchurch old or young involved in beautifying the shipping containers that now adorn our landscape.

The 12 final entries will be printed on core flutes and displayed at the Sumner Rocks Village Street Party on Sunday, 17 March 2013 and the general public will vote for their favorite. This will assist the judges in making their final decision. These images will then be used to produce a calendar for 2014.

These 12 finalists will also be acknowledged on the Sumner Village Website http://www.sumnervillage.co.nz.

The Grand Prize Winner
Will have their work digitally printed onto a skin and mounted onto two stacked shipping containers located on Wakefield Avenue and may be used for future promoting and marketing of the Sumner area.

Artwork may be a photograph or hand-drawn using any form of media including stencil, graffiti, acrylic, crayon etc or digitally produced. Your work can be realistic, semi abstract or abstract. The artwork must be scanned or digitally photographed, as ultimately it will be printed onto a skin ready to mount.

We are looking for a work, which captures the essence and uniqueness of Sumner, and it’s area. You should bear in mind how big the final piece is going to be and the strong daylight that will be on it. You can use full-color or black & white.

Art Competition Rules Summary (refer to the full terms and conditions on our website)

(1) The Competition runs until 10 March 2013 to allow time for printing the final 12 entries ready for the Street Party on 17 March 2013.

(2) Submitted artwork must be your own.

(3) No Plagiarism of other’s artwork.

(4) You may submit up to three entries per person.

(5) All artwork should refer to Sumner and it’s area.

(6) Submission of artwork constitutes your agreement to the Art Competition Terms and Conditions http://www.sumnervillage.co.nz. Please read these over, as they describe your rights to the submitted artwork as well as those of the Sumner Business Group.

Use your artistic license and do what you think is best, but bear in mind these suggestions:

  • No plagiarism
  • Your art piece will need to be photographed and saved in a Hi Resolution file in .jpg format
  • Lots of colour
  • The work should fill the whole canvas.

Please spread the word!
To make this contest successful we need your help spreading the word by liking our Face Book page and upload your entry art on there as well!

If you are an amateur or professional artist, tell your colleagues. If you are active on an art website, post a link to the art competition on our website http://www.sumnervillage.co.nz. Inform your local newspaper. If you have a website/face book page, please link to this page by posting the following link http://www.sumnervillage.co.nz.

Please share the poster with your friends and/or post on your website/face book page.

Ready to submit your artwork?

Have you read the Art Competition Terms and Conditions? If not, please do so now.
Fill in the entry form!

Digital Submissions

Please open the entry form and complete it and re-save it and send it to info@sumnervillage.co.nz.

(1) Photograph or scan your artwork. You MUST save your file as a HIGH RESOLUTION file (in .jpg format ONLY)

(2) Email your form and attached artwork to info@sumnervillage.co.nz with the subject line Art Submission.

  • The art must be an ATTACHMENT, not embedded in the email, not linked to from the email.
  • File must be under 20 MB otherwise we suggest you send it to us via YouSendIt.
  • Please include the native file (.psd, .ai, .eps) if you have one. 

  • Include your first and last name, your age, contact details, email address in the contents of the email! 


That’s it, good luck!

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