What’s the Art Window?

Sumner Art Window?

Nikki, you are filling an empty space with art. How did this come together?
I had been watching the exciting projects of Gap Filler around the city for a while and reflecting about how I could help contribute to the redevelopment of creative spaces in Christchurch post earthquake. My own community of Sumner has suffered a lot of physical and mental damage so really wanted to get something started there. My partner and I  had often discussed the possibilities for 17 Marriner Street and kept an eagle eye on any sign of life within. We couldn’t help ourselves when the new owners Paul Grainger and Elsbeth Hird moved in. We became friends and realized that we shared a lot of the same interests – one being a passion for art. The idea for the Sumner Art Window was born after Paul offered me the space to exhibit my own work. This then got me thinking with my curator hat on, as to the real possibilities for the space for artists to exhibit. Robyn Webster, a well known CHCH artist, said ‘What are you waiting for, I’ll exhibit!’ and things went very quickly from there.

Tell us more about yourself, what inspires you?
I have a background in sculpture and trained in the UK. I moved to Sumner nine years ago with my then young children on a three year adventure. Since then I have had teaching jobs, worked for COCA (The Centre for Contemporary Art) and the CHCH arts Festival, run my own after school art club and developed a real love for the simple things in life. One of my favorite things to do is ride my vintage bike down to the village and cook using herbs and veggies from my small veggie plot.  I am inspired by nature everyday and the passionate people of Christchurch who are helping to rebuild our city.

Who are the artists and how do they qualify?
At the moment the contemporary artist showing is Robyn Webster . She has created an installation piece that is based on a poem. The Sumner Art Window will show art from emerging and established Contemporary Artists using 2D media, film, photography, installation and sculpture. Open 24/7, exhibitions will change on a monthly basis encouraging visitors and locals to connect with a changing stream of artworks through the frame of a window.
Artists can contact sumnerartwindow@gmail.com in the first instance if they are interested in having an exhibition. A link to a website or youtube clip showing their work is useful, perhaps an outline of a proposal for the space (how they want to use it) and a CV can be helpful in determining if we are the right space to house their work.

Can people buy the artwork? And where?
The space is not for profit so noncommercial. People can buy the artwork by contacting the artist directly. Artists details are left in the window space.

How does the future of this project look like?
Good question….. At the moment the future possibilities are huge….We may even have months dedicated to film, performance art and dance as well as visual art. The main thing to remember is that the space has to dictate from the first instance what goes on in to it.

We’d love to know your Sumner insider tips! Your favorite places & spaces…
There are so many as I love living here…..My favorite places are the beach, Scarborough end where I can take my dog, watch the surfers and grab a coffee. The Hollywood Cinema where I can relax while still wearing my painting apron and ugg boots and no-one batts an eye lid! The hills behind my house where I can now walk again, the wonderful green area where the old community hall used to be (we so needed a green area in the village center), the second hand shop Time and Time again where I can sell my spontaneous, over zealous buys, the DVD shop where I can get movies out as I am not fond of TV and of course we have great eating houses and fish and chips helps too!

Thank you Nikki!
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