Sumner Street Party 17th of March 2013

A quick chat to one of the amazing coordinators…

Kath, you are part of the Sumner Street Party Committee, tell us how this came together…
The Street Party was an idea mooted around the table at one of our Sumner Business Group meetings, an event that would attract visitors back to the area and show off our unique seaside Village.
It was a ‘sure lets just throw a party’ kind of idea… none of us are event organizers and none of us had any idea how much time it would consume! But it is fun.

What can we expect on the day?
There will be live music, street performers, fashion shows, great food, boutique beers and wine and all the craft stalls down the street. There will be an art competition whereby the attendees can vote for the next art work to go up on a double height container on Wakefield Ave. We want to link to the beach this year with a Sand pit dig down by The Beach Bar…. Loads of stuff going on this year!

Can the kids come along?
Gosh yes, they should organize their parents and get along. There is a dedicated zone for little ones with the bouncy castle and kids stalls, and the teen zone outside Fuse.

Will there be prizes?
Loads, but you have to dig for them… with your feet! Should be a laugh.

You are doing this on a voluntary basis, why?
Because it got to the point of no return!  No, its fun.. and I love Sumner, I want to see it flourish. Despite the crumbling cliffs, broken homes, containers and wonky road… I think we have something really unique here. Its sharing that love….ahhhhh.

Thank you Kath for your time! This will be an epic event not to be missed! Also a huge thank you to all sponsors and volunteers!

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